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A strategy based on CO2 emissions reduction and growth in emerging markets
Valeo’s strategy focuses on reducing CO2 emissions in all market segments. Through innovation and accelerated development in emerging markets, the Group will ensure above-market organic growth in each region and actively participate in the consolidation of the industry. At the same time, strict control of costs and investments will enable Valeo to achieve best-in-class profitability.

Technological innovation
The Group’s strategy is to focus on CO2 reduction in all classes of vehicles. This includes not only products for the hybridization and electrification of vehicles but also for weight reduction and lower energy consumption as well as technologies that optimize fuel consumption and enable smarter driving. Valeo expects to double its sales for technologies linked to CO2 emissions reduction by 2013.

Valeo’s drive for growth covers not only these products. As demand for more fuel-efficient cars booms, as urbanization and ageing populations continue to be major demographic trends, and even as cars become smaller, there is another trend to be addressed: that for more differentiation, more customization, more ergonomy and more ease of use. Valeo’s comfort and driving assistance systems fit into this category of product, and low-speed maneuvering in particular will be an important source of future growth.

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