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Intermodal transportation of goods and people
As a provider of integrated mobility solutions, Siemens Mobility networks various systems – to enable our customers to transport people and goods more efficiently. We thereby combine our competencies from urban, interurban and logistics mobility to create comprehensive mobility expertise that enables the development of intermodal, precisely tailored technologies:  for rail, road, and air traffic.

Our urban mobility solutions
Innovative traffic management systems interconnect roads and rails, while information systems help passengers find efficient travel routes. Fully automated metros can be flexibly adapted to passenger volume – and dynamic traffic control systems guarantee an optimized traffic flow.
The result: Optimally networked conurbations that flexibly adapt to changing requirements.

Our interurban mobility solutions
Unlimited mobility is based on an efficient interurban transportation infrastructure. This includes modern, high-per-formance trains and locomotives, plus rail automation and electrification solutions – along with dynamic systems for documenting data and directing traffic to highways.
The result:  Transregional services that provide fast, eco-friendly links between metropolitan areas.

Our logistics solutions
Interoperable locomotives and efficient cargo-management systems ensure trouble-free cargo
transport. Innovative automation solutions for package, luggage and letter deliveries (along with comprehensive security technologies and comprehensive logistics processes) guarantee a functional transport network.
The result: a functional logistics system with seamless transport chains for efficient cargo transport.

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