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Building the Future
Taking action for the environment means looking ahead. Renault will apply stricter conditions to its eco² label to keep pace with the major progress made by future generations of vehicles. At the same time, the Renault-Nissan Alliance is aiming for zero emissions: zero noise – zero pollutant emissions – zero greenhouse gases.

A mosaic of solutions
A wide range of innovations will be implemented to meet the needs of Renault customers worldwide. They include the development of flex-fuel vehicles (fuels mixed with second-generation biofuels), gas-fuelled vehicles, mild-to-full hybrid engines (from the stop/start system to all-electric vehicles) and increased use of nitrogen oxide traps.

The process must be extended to production sites with greater use of renewable energies and more effective processes for vehicle dismantling.

Renault to launch electric vehicles in 2011
For Renault, the electric vehicle is the real long-term solution to today’s environmental and noise pollution issues. Technological innovations now make it possible to mass market an electric vehicle at reasonable cost. In addition, changes in vehicle use make electric cars ideal for the majority of trips, with 80% of Europeans currently driving less than 60 km a day.

Renault will bring its customers a complete range of electric vehicles by as early as 2011. Their design will be largely inspired by the concept cars revealed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show:
Kangoo Z.E. Concept announces a light commercial vehicle, especially designed for professionals, that will be available for the 1st semester of 2011;
Fluence Z.E. Concept prefigures an electric version of a family car, that will be launched first in Israel (1st semester 2011) and then in other countries;
in the beginning of the 2nd-half of 2011, a new type of urban vehicle close to Twizy Z.E. Concept (a passenger can seat behind the driver);
by mid 2012, a full-electric city car (close to Zoe Z.E. Concept) measuring less than four meters long and with five seats, ideal for commuting;
beyond 2012, Renault will continue to extend its electric car range to cover all segments.

Renault will also bring customers access to innovative services making electric vehicle use easier and to advanced battery technology currently under development by the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

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