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Round Table 3: Alternative à la voiture individuelle en région Nord Pas de Calais

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The transition from the object car to a tool car is not without consequences on the behaviour of the XXI century homo mobilis. A lot of new concepts grow in France and particularly in Nord Pas de Calais area, to answer at these new problematic that all-car politicians do not allow anymore. Ensue from economical, ecological, practical, or linked to health motivations, these new concepts bring into question the used of a lonely transportation way to a combination of different available transport: the intermodality.

Outline of this Round table
• Theoretical point of vu on the mobility
Different transportation way in the NPdC area
The bike is back in town

Synopsis of the movie "Dakar No OIL"
Xaver Van der Stappen show the electric prototype used for the COP to CAP, from Copenhague to CapeTown, which happen this year. Last year, Xavier done a first trip which made this movie “PARIS-DAKAR NO OIL”. This approach put your finger on the mobility problems and offers a reflexion about our link with others.
The movie “En quête d’un monde sans pétrole, Paris-Dakar no OIL” recount the meeting done during this 6000 km trip from Dakar to Bruxelles in an electric vehicle. This movie shows a positive approach of the  present-day and tomorrow mobility  in favour of clean solution. From Dakar to Bruxelles, meeting show interest but pessimism too. Between utopia of a world without oil and the reality, this movie is a funny road trip, charged of good mood.
Duration : 60min, Digital Format, Nexus Productions, October 2009.

1. DAKAR No OIL 2009: on seat electric vehicle with human power assistance. 40kg, lithium/polymer batteries, 15 kg  in 3 packs, autonomy: 200 km, average speed: 45 km/h, top speed: 62 km, higher speed: 111 km/h. electric engine of 500 W.

2. COP to CAP 2010: two seats electric vehicle. 80kg, lithium/polymer batteries of 80 kg  in 2 packs, power: 80 Volts and 30 Amps, autonomy with full charges: 400 km, average speed: 80 km/h, top speed: 110 km, electric engine of 2400 W and 5000 W, solar panels of 2 meters square on a trailer and 1 meter square on the roof, hydrolic brakes, double triangle of suspension, Led lights.

3. I-Care 333 :

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