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Awareness Forum

Pour voir la page internet "Forum de Sensibilisation" en français, cliquez ici.

The awareness forum is a new event in a VPP Conference. The aim of this event is to use the VPP Conference to increase public awareness of ecological problems and existing solutions about transportation systems.

In this aim three different discussions will be held the Thursday 2nd of September.

14h30 – 15h30 / Room Van Gogh 1 / Round Table 1: "EDUCATION FOR FUTURE JOBS IN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING"
Prof. James GOVER (session Chair), Kettering University, USA
Dr. Theo HOFMAN, Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherland
Dr. Patrick BASTARD, Renault, France
and other panelists

14h30 – 15h30 / Room Goya / Round Table 2: "FUTURE URBAN ELECTRO-MOBILITY"
Prof. Ali EMADI (session Chair), Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Rochdi TRIGUI, INRETS, MEGEVH network, France
Dr. Jérôme PERRIN, Renault, France
Prof. Joeri VAN MIERLO, VRJE University of Brussel, Belgium)
and other panelists

14h00 – 16h00 / Room Van Gogh 2 / Round Table 3 (in French) : "ALTERNATIVE A LA VOITURE INDIVIDUELLE EN REGION NORD PAS DE CALAIS"
Mr. Sebastien TORRO-TOKODI (session Chair), Pôle info-déplacement, ADAV, France
Mr. Gilles LAURENT, UVN – Union des voyageurs du nord, France
Mr. Xavier VAN DER STAPPEN, Dakar no Oil, Belgium
and other panelists
The movie "Paris-Dakar No OIL" will be project following the Round Table.

Entrance of this forum is 2 € for people who do not participate at the VPP Conference.
An on-line registration is preferable. It
can be done on the webpage

After different discussions, some guided tour of stand will be done. A personalize home to work study could be done to define which trip permits to decrease Green house gazes emission. Finally, some tests of different ways to replace individual car in town could be tested: Segway by Transpole, Electric bike, Electric scooter, Zappy by Cyclogreen and folding bike by ADAV.
Different vehicle tests can be canceled if the weather is not appropriate. Thanks for your understanding.