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Round Table 1: Education for future jobs in automotive engineering

In this round table the education programs and courses in different university, to prepare BS, MS and Ph.D. students for careers in new vehicle development, manufacturing and education, will be developed. Industrials will describe the educational backgrounds they are seeking in new employees who work in research, development and manufacturing of new vehicle systems. 

Outline of this Round table

The different topics which can be developed in this round table are:

University Programs:
Impact of corporate education needs on program design.
Vision of education program.
Overall content of education program including total vehicular courses required for specialty, minor, concentration or cognate.
Description of courses and topics in education program.
Prerequisites required for curriculum eligibility.
Student participation in program to date and other measures of program success.
Improvement planned for program in the future.
Laboratory content of each course.
Simulation tools used in each course.
Major research areas of program.

Company Education Needs:
Backgrounds of engineers and scientists sought for research, development and manufacturing positions in new vehicle systems.
Company experience in funding new vehicle technology research at universities.
Company experience with preparation of EEs, CEs, and MEs to work in new vehicle research, development, and manufacturing.

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