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Paper Prize

Paper Prize chair: Prof. Marie-Cecile PERA,
University of Franche-Comté, MEGEVH network (France)

Key dates

• Deadline for submission of abstracts:       15th March of 2010
Notice of acceptance and first selection: 30th April of 2010
Deadline for submission of full papers:      15th June of 2010
Selection of a short list:                        15th July of 2010
Selection of the Prize papers:                 1st September of 2010

Selection process

  1. On the basis of the abstract, reviewers are asked if the final paper could be retained for a reward. The required answer at this step is just YES or NO and a short comment. The reviewers are told that a YES supposes to review the full paper. Deadline: the same as the review.
  2. The selected full papers are reviewed by the same reviewers than the abstract. Marks are given according to usual IEEE requirements. Deadline for the reviewers: the 15th of July.
  3. The paper review and the full papers are sent to the Prize committee members who select a short list of 8 papers: 6 of them selected among the papers presented in oral sessions and 2 of them selected among the poster sessions. Deadline: the 20th of August.
  4. The Prize committee selects the 4 awarded papers before the gala diner during VPPC on the basis of the previous short lists: 3 of them presented during oral sessions (Best Oral Presentation Prizes) and 1 presented during poster sessions (Best Poster Presentation Prize).

Selection criteria

The following criteria should be used for the committee member short lists and the final short list:
  1. No paper co-authored by a member of the Organizing Committee will be considered. If a paper co-authored by a member of the Prize Committee, he will excuse himself from the committee.
  2. Scientific value of the paper based on both the evaluation of the reviewers and the evaluation of the Prize Committee members.
  3. Selection of 6 papers presented in oral sessions.
  4. Selection of 2 papers presented in poster sessions.

Prize committee

Prof. C. C CHAN, University of Honk Kong, China, Honorary chair of VPPC’10
Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL, University of Lille 1, MEGEVH, France, General chair of VPPC’10
Prof. Marie-Cecile PERA, University of Franche-Comté, MEGEVH, France, Prize chair of VPPC’10
Prof. Ali EMADI, Illinois Institute of Technology, IEEE-PELS coordinator at VPPC
Prof. Mark ESHANI, University of Texas A&M, IEEE-VTS coordinator at VPPC

Prize paper valorisation

The submission of the VPPC’10 Prize papers will be proposed to the authors to the following journals according to the paper topic and the journal scope:
Power Electronics (PELS) Newsletters (a 4-page digest of the article will be published)
Vehicular Technology Magazine
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (with 50% changes)