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Keynote 2.3: Innovation Challenge of ALSTOM

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Keynote on
Ing. Alain JULLIEN,
Alstom Transport, PRIMES platform (France)


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The trend for system traction drives is dictated by the requirements of better operational conditions for trains and global comfort for passengers. This analysis is strongly depending on the market segment but they are some common trends:
• In general, price of new traction drive must be more and more competitive.
• Reliability of new technologies must improve the reliability of previous generation
• Maintenance must be ease and manage (e maintenance)
• There is a global request to optimize energy efficiency
• Life cycle cost is now a key parameter to be considered
Segment by segment, there are some specificities that can be summarized in the following table:

In PRIMES (Platform for Research in power Integration, Management of Energy and Storage), power technologies are developed and tested to meet the requirements described in the above table.
The presentation will detail two technologies that have a very high application potential: wide band gap semiconductors and passive cooling.

Biography of the Speaker

Ing. Alain Jullien is currently director for Development and Industrial Relationship – Innovation & Research Group. Electronic engineer, with more than 39 years spend in railways business, he began is career in research with the challenge to design first chopper in 1970. After different jobs like Quality manager, Sourcing director, Head of technology, International sales he has been responsible to implement research strategy on the site of Tarbes from the last ten years. In 2001, he has been in charge to organize PEARL cooperative lab, and is President of the innovative platform PRIMES. He is well known in France for its feeling on Mechatronics strategy. Also coordinator of all electronic federating program within aerospace Valley.