The videos have been realized by Univ Lille1 TV. The plenary sessions and only some lecture sessions have been chosen to be recorded.

Opening session
Prof. A. Bouscayrol, Prof. D. Hissel, Dr. R Trigui, Prof. A. Emadi, Prof. S. Sharour, Mrs A.L. Allègre, Prof. C. C. Chan

---- KEYNOTES ----

Electric vehicles, emissions and the smart grid
Prof. Deepak Divan, IEEE Power Electronics Society President; Georgia Tech, USA

Outlook of electric vehicles and smart grids
Prof. C.C. Chan, Univ. Hong Kong, China

Technical challenge of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles
F. Badin, IFP New Energy, France

E-mobility development of Toyota
Mr. Taiyou Kawai, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

DOE Vehicle technologies R&D on hybrid electric systems
J. Miller, United States Departement of Energy, USA

The European Green Car Initiative and EU research policies for greener road transport
M. Maggiore, European Commission

---- "MODELING, ANALYSIS & CONTROL" regular session ----

Estimation of individual in-cynlinder air mass
H. Kerkeni, Univ Lille Nord de France, UVHC, France

Determining a suitable all electric range for a light Weight Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
J. Poxon, University of Warwick, UK

Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of hybrid vehicle motor drives at Ford Motor Company
C. Dufour, Opal-RT, Canada

Predictive online control for hybrids: global optimality, robustness and realtime capability
S. Kutter, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Different models of a traction drive for an electric vehicle simulation
T. Letrouvé, Univ Lille1, PSA, MEGEVH, France

---- "ENERGY STORAGE" regular session ----

Sizing and experimental characterization of ultra capacitors for small urban hybrid electric vehicle
D. Loukakou, Univ. Franche Comté, France

High power Lithium batteries usage in hybrid vehicles
M. Ceralo, Univ. of Pisa, Italy

Parameterization of an electrical battery model for dynamic system simulation in Evs
M. Einhorn, Autrian Institute of Technology, Austria

Li-ion thermal issues and modelling in nominal and extreme operating conditions for HEV / PHEVs
E. Prada, IFP New Energy, France

Buck-boost converters design for ultracapacitors and lithium Battery mixing in HEV Applications
B. Dakyo, Univ. Le Havre, France

Temperature effects on fast charging large format prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate cells
Z.M. Salameh, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA

---- "PREDIT French Programme" special session ----

Land transportation French programme for coordinating research and innovation policy
B. Theys, PREDIT, France

P. Despez, SAFT, France

HyHIL: online optimal control of a parallel hybrid with after-treatment constraint integration
A. Chasse, IFP New Energy, France

STEEM: ALSTOM and RATP experience of supercapacitors in tramway operation
J. P. Moskowitz, Alstom, France

ARCHYBALD project on new HEV powertrains
O. Pape, Nexter Systems, MEGEVH, France

MICRO stop and start system for microbus
E. Bourdon, Gruau Micobus, France

---- "SMART GRIDS" special session ----

A Plug-In Hybrid‚ Blue-Angel III‚ for vehicle to grid system with a wireless grid interface
A. Maksimovic, the University of Applied Science, Switzerland

Overview of supercapacitor voltage equalisation circuits for an EV charging application
S. Lambert, Newcastle University, UK

Vehicle-to-grid systems for frequency regulation in an islanded danish distribution network
J. Pillai, Aalborg University, Denmark

A new DC micro-grid system using renewable energy and EVs for smart energy delivery
C. Liu, University of Hong-Kong, China

---- "SUSTAINABILITY" special session ----

Life Cycle Assessment of conventional and alternative small passenger vehicles in Belgium
M. Messagie, Vrije University of Brussel, Belgium

Synthesis and validation of representative real world driving cycles for Plug-In HEVs
Z. Filipi, University of Michigan, USA

EV charging system with PV grid-connected configuration
M. Sechilariu, University of Technology of Compiegne, France

Virtual battery charging station utilizing power-HIL: application to V2G Impact Analysis
B. Hacker, Florida State University, USA

Fuel cell/battery passive hybrid powertrain with active power sharing capability
J. Bernard, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland